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Locally Sourced & Earth Friendly

As we are fortunate to be located in a delicately balanced and beautiful locale, we recognize our green efforts are critical to the evolution of Pescadero and Todos Santos.

All of our rooms are tied into a grey water system.  The water used in showers and tooth brushing and our laundry provide irrigation for many of the plants on the property.

All of the water in the rooms is filtered with a particle filter and a UV filter.  The water in the restaurants and bars are triple filtered – adding a reverse osmosis system.  Our water comes from a underground aquifer that flows from the rains in the Sierra Laguna mountains.  Even though it doesn’t rain near the beach very often, it rains more often in the mountains and that keeps the water flowing.

In order to conserve precious water: we change towels every day and sheets every other day unless otherwise requested.

We offset the energy used for our pool pumps and heaters with solar power.

We recycle paper, plastic and glass and hand separate all refuse into these categories.

We try not to use too many plastic water bottles and have large containers of filtered water located outside of all rooms to refill water pitchers that are in the guest rooms.  We also have large water dispensers at all pools and restaurants to cut down on the use of plastic bottles of water.

All food grown on-site is done using organic techniques.

Scraps from the kitchen are used in the garden and given to local people for raising pigs and chickens.  We use organic fertilizers (chicken poop from non-steroid chickens) instead of chemical fertilizers

Giving Back
We support local efforts for the Turtle Rescue, beach clean-up, spay & neuter clinics, local lifeguards and youth scholarship programs.

We work with numerous local charities and many local sport teams. You are welcome to donate to these charities and we can provide information on all of the local options. Another way to donate is to bring with you used or new sporting equipment – bats, gloves, soccer balls, cleats etc. or new art supplies. After all you don’t need a lot of room in your bag for fancy clothes!!!