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Bar Creations

Our farm-to-table efforts extend to our bar. We have our own tequila that we age in oak casks for up to a year and use in our popular Racharita. We craft all our cocktails using fresh mint, basil and other herbs from our own organic garden and locally grown strawberries, lychee, passion fruit and mangoes. Looking for a non-alcoholic cocktail, we got it covered! Try our “Fauxito” or any one of our other tasty booze-free cocktails.

Resident Mixologist

 “Dicho mexicano— para todo mal mezcal, para todo bien, también.”

Gabriel started his impressive career in Mexico City. First he trained as a barista, then as a waiter, and then a bar (and restaurant) manager. Yes, he is well-versed in the art of service from every possible angle. After mastering each craft, he ultimately found a passion for mixology at Gin Gin in La Roma, D.F. Here he trained with expert mixologists from New York, Italy, Chile, Argentina and Columbia learning the subtle alchemy of mezcal, gin and other spirits. Gabriel then took his career to Oaxaca where he created a new bar menu at Agavero. It was in Oaxaca where Gabriel defined his approach to crafting cocktails. His creations are rooted in the belief that organic, handmade ingredients (when combined artfully with the purest spirits) result in a healthful and, yes, very tasty elixir.


Ask about our FARM TO GLASS MIXOLOGY CLASSES. Hosted by our resident mixologist, Gabriel, learning never tasted so good. Go thru our on-site organic garden with Gabriel gathering ingredients with which to concoct new and interesting cocktails. Each class makes three cocktails which are included in the $65 pp fee. Just inquire at the front desk or the bar and get creative! 24 hours advance notice required.