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Our Story

Rancho Pescadero is an independent, non-corporate, labor of love.  This is the story of how this remarkable place came to be.

When owner Lisa Harper opened the hotel in 2009 she did so after drawing her vision on a scrap of paper a mere 18 months earlier. Lisa had owned the beachfront property for years and one morning in 2008 at her home in Sonoma, she woke up with the urge to sketch what was to become the 28 room resort that exists today.

After years in the retail business, and having traveled all over the world for both business and pleasure, Lisa knew exactly the kind of hotel she wanted to build–one she would herself want to stay in on a vacation—and this is evidenced in the amenities you’ll find during your stay, such as complimentary daily yoga at the reasonable vacation hour of 10 a.m.; coffee and fruit delivered to your room each morning so it’s there when you wake up; and surf boards, bikes, hats, and sunscreen at the ready for you to use whenever you want them.

When Lisa first opened the doors she was lucky in that she found people who shared her vision of creating a simple yet sophisticated resort, one that would be comfortable and casual, and yet stylish and luxurious at the same time. Many of those first hires are still working with us here today. Another bonus was that many locals in the area have worked in the hospitality business further afield and working here was a way to bring their expertise home.

Hopefully you can actually feel the way the staff feels about Rancho Pescadero when you are staying here. There’s a sense of family for sure, and a love of place that we hope translates to our guests.

Whether you’re  a couple taking a few days to get away, newlyweds, or a group of old friends catching up, we here at Rancho Pescadero make it our priority to see that you have a good time, and most importantly whatever your version of a good time looks like.