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For such an intimate property, Rancho Pescadero offers numerous options for your special event.

This 2 mile secluded beach provides several opportunities. We can host a welcome fiesta with Mariachis, a buffet, and a bar stocked with margaritas and cervezas. We can even end the night with a fun fireworks display.

Palm Grove

Our magical palm grove is just beyond the pool deck and just before the beach dunes, smack in the middle of an ethereal dinning and dancing wonderland. Celebrate your special day with those you hold dear in this enchanting space adorned with ornate embellishments of your choosing. (We recommend candles and flowers, lots and lots of candles and flowers.)

Rancho Pescadero Pool Patio
This central pool is skirted by a lawn with a fire pit and surrounded by lush landscaping; perfect for cocktails, dining or dancing. Your wish is our command. 

Hacienda Pool Palapa
The Hacienda Pool Patio can provide dinner seating for up to 120 guests. The majestic giant palapa provides cover for a mosaic inset dance floor or poolside meal. The adjoining spa deck provides spectacular sunset views and can be used for more intimate dinners or cocktails. Surrounded by palms, palapa covered lounge beds and anchored by our exquisite palm root bar; this is a stunning option.

Restaurant Patio and Sunset Deck
Our ocean view central patio and adjoining upstairs sundeck sets a wonderful venue for a spectacular dinner. Silver chandeliers, beautiful linens and mirrored light fixtures glow throughout the event.

Garden Restaurant and Farm
This is the perfect place for a group dinner. Have cocktails served in the fields and then invite your guests to harvest the ingredients of their choice for their personal pizzas, cooked on site in our wood-burning, brick oven. The community style tables are made from old boats from Bali and the lights overhead are reminiscent of an Italian piazza. The waves crashing in the background remind you where you are – a perfect party experience in beautiful Baja.

Palapa Studio
A beautiful 2,000 square foot studio sits in a palm grove and has a beautiful sunset ocean view. The hand-woven palapa roof, wood floor and custom made 8-foot chandelier is easily transformed into a spacious dining venue. The studio also provides an alternative intimate venue in the very rare event of rain.

Corporate meeting spaces

We can adjust each of the above spaces to be as productive and supportive of good business as possible. If you must have a work off-site, why not have it at Rancho Pescadero? Here every day’s stress is washed away with an evening surf session and a starlit soak in the hot tub. Also, employee retention seems higher after meetings at Rancho.